How It Works

The Abs After 40 system is a 90 day workout program designed to support and optimize the production and health of the male hormone system - which is the main factor that determines the condition and appearance of a man’s body.

What will I be working on in each phase within the program?

PHASE 1: The Fat-Loss Jumpstart

In Phase 1, you’ll be executing the 30 day fat loss jump start plan that I mentioned to you earlier. This is critical because having low levels of the primary male hormones and having belly fat is a vicious cycle that most men never escape. Most men can’t lose their belly fat because they have hormonal imbalances, and they can’t balance their hormones because they have too much belly fat.

The best solution for this problem is a 30 day focused phase where your entire routine is designed for the fastest fat loss possible. This is the only effective way I’ve found to break the hormone imbalance/belly fat cycle that most men are never able to overcome.

Phase 1 is all about seeing fast results, where you see a visible reduction in your belly fat each week. But don’t get me wrong -- Phase 1 is NOT about starving yourself, or doing extreme workouts. In fact, I designed Phase 1 so that it’s safe and simple for anyone to do -- even if you’ve never exercised or tried to eat healthy before.

After Phase 1, the goal is to see a big visible reduction in your belly fat when you look in the mirror. After just thirty days, you’ll start getting compliments from your wife...your kids...and from your friends and co-workers. You’ll look better, feel better, and most importantly you’ll now be confident you can make a change now that you’ve started seeing the results.

PHASE 2: Total Hormone Rejuvenation

Once you’ve jump-started your fat loss in Phase 1, it’ll be time to move to Phase 2. In Phase 2, we shift our focus from rapid fat loss to optimizing your male hormone system. And once you’ve lost enough fat to have a flat stomach, the Phase 2 training methods for raising your muscle-building hormones will work much better.

In Phase 2, we also kick up the intensity of the workouts by adding in more compound resistance training. Remember from before, compound exercises are the ones which use multiple muscle groups and which are proven to elevate the male hormone system the most. While basic compound exercises are included in Phase 1, in Phase 2 I’ll graduate you to more challenging compound exercises which your body will be ready for at this point.

Again, the workouts are designed to be challenging for anyone, but safe for even a complete beginner to do. I’ve extensively tested the program with overweight and out of shape clients in their seventies and eighties, and I’m confident that if they can do it safely then you can do it too.

How can challenging full body exercises be safe for anyone to do? Well, it’s because there are almost no standard bodybuilding or powerlifting exercises included in this program. Almost every exercise has been modified to make it safer for us older guys, while also keeping the exercise challenging and effective.

In addition to this, I show you how to work around any pre-existing injury or pain you might have. No matter what you’re dealing with, I can probably show you a way to modify the exercises so you can perform it safely, effectively, and without pain.

Once you’re done with Phase 2, you will feel like a new man. The goal is to to significantly increase the production of your male hormones, so in just thirty days you start feeling a stronger libido and more energy and drive. And you’ll see some big changes in your body as well.

You’ll gain a surprising amount of muscle in your chest, arms, back, and shoulders. You’ll visibly look stronger, more athletic, and younger. And most exciting of all, those final few pounds of belly fat will melt off and you’ll see visible, defined abs.

PHASE 3: Maintenance

After Phase 2, you will feel like you have a new lease on life. And to make sure you maintain your new body and permanently lock in your optimized hormone levels, at this point you’ll move to Phase 3.

During Phase 3, the goal is to maintain the visible abs and high t you’ve achieved with a minimum of effort and inconvenience. I know from experience it’s easy to get yourself motivated to focus on a plan for a few months, but it’s much more difficult to maintain a grueling workout schedule beyond that. I planned for this, and designed Phase 3 to fit into your busy lifestyle.

That why I designed the workouts to be as short as possible during this phase. But I have to be honest -- the workouts will be more intense, even though they are short. That’s because with the new body you’ve built in the first two phases, you’ll be equipped to safely handle this intensity.

With your diet, we’ll still focus on many of the t boosting foods you were eating in Phase 2. But in this Phase, you’ll learn how to make healthy eating easier and more convenient.

If you have a woman in your life who’s preparing your food, she will really appreciate this. Just show her this one video, and she’ll learn how to prepare a week’s worth of healthy, delicious, t boosting meals for you in under one hour. And if you’re preparing your food yourself, this video will be a godsend.

And not only this, you’ll learn how to adjust your diet to accommodate family and social events as well. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the family dinners, holiday dinners, and nights out at restaurants that you want. But you’ll learn how you can adjust your meal plan during other times so that these cheat meals don’t cause you to re-gain your belly fat.

Most of my clients report that they have a flat stomach and visible abs at the end of Phase 2. And if you’re satisfied with that, that’s fine! You can take it a little easier in Phase 3, and just maintain a flat stomach if that’s what you want.

But if you want to take it further, in Phase 3 you also have the option to make your abs even more defined with each passing week. It’ll require challenging yourself a little more, but if you’re willing to do this you can get fully defined six pack abs like I have myself.

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